Facebook Advertising

Thousands of small and medium sized businesses use Facebook as a cost-efficient tool to connect with potential customers. The remarkable success of Facebook as a marketing tool can be attributed to its ability to target user groups based on specific demographies. Facebook ads appear before the right kind of users because their interests and location are taken into account before displaying the advertisement. This means that the ads target the people most likely to need or use the service.

How does Facebook marketing work?

A Facebook ad campaign for your business is one of the most effective ways for you to target potential customers in your area. When someone clicks on your Facebook ad, they will be directed to your website. For example, as an electrician, plumber, or builder, you might target the homeowners renovating in your area. You can do this for as long as you want. Facebook ad campaigns can go for a day to an unlimited period, depending on your budget (note that our packages to manage the campaigns are month to month).

Mentioned below are some of the audience targeting options offered by Facebook.

  • User Interest: Facebook allows you to target the audience based on certain specific interests. The activity of the audience on the platform provides a clear indication of these interests
  • Demography: Audience can be targeted based on language, age, gender, and location
  • User Behavior: You may also target the audience based on their purchase behavior, earning, device usage, and many other behavioral traits
  • Connection Status: It is also possible to select your audience on the basis of how they are connected to a certain page. For example, the advertisements you post on Facebook can be shown to all your friends as well as the users with a connected friend.
  • Creation of Custom Audience: Facebook also allows the creation of custom audiences. These make use of email addresses, phone numbers, or Facebook Ids.

Apart from standard campaigns, there is also an option to promote a status update so that your intended audience views it. This service can be particularly useful for sharing important news or updates or informing the audience about a special offer. It is possible to run Facebook ad campaigns for as little as $1 per day. ‘Boosted’ posts may cost you anything between $5 and $50.

Our Offer:

At Trades Web Design, we take pride in helping generate new customers for different trades using the power of the internet. Our Facebook advertising campaigns are the right choice for you because:

  • They can work in tandem with  your website’s organic SEO campaign
  • We can create custom landing pages in your website to help engage visitors
  • They can be highly cost effective for trades

Contact us to find out more about our high-return Facebook ad campaigns.