Search Engine Optimisation for Tradies

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is defined as a series of strategies, techniques and tools to improve where a website appears in online search results. At Trades Web Design, we make use of the most effective and up-to-date practices to ensure your website can be found easily while searching online. Many plumbers, electricians, air-conditioning technicians and other tradies trust our service because we only implement SEO practices that Google approves and recommends as the ‘white hat’ techniques.

Over the last few years Google has refined its algorithms to catch out cheats and improve the quality of content across the internet. Some of these changes have landed many website owners in deep trouble if their SEO has been based around ‘black hat’ techniques, which attempt to rort or game the systems.

Unique Content for Trade-based SEO

In the language of online marketing, it is often said that content is the king. The importance of well-written and compelling content in effective SEO is undeniable. Without high-quality content, visitors are not likely to engage in or spend much time on your website. Google knows this, and its systems and algorithms are structured to give preference to websites with better content.

Included into this, search engines keep a track of visitor’s activities on your website. Some of these activities can include:

  • How much time is spent visiting the website
  • How many pages of the website are visited
  • When do the visitors leave a website
  • All links clicked and videos watched by the visitors
  • Identification of all visitors, both new and returning

Based on this information, Google will change and update where your website appears in search results. All the points mentioned above are influenced significantly by the quality of your website’s content. We build websites with top quality content that are easy to browse, read and navigate for people, and are structured in a way that keeps Google happy as well.

Online Channels for Effective SEO 

Though search results play an extremely important role for your website, it is not the only way to attract new customers online. ‘Optimisation’ of a website necessarily extends beyond just the website itself.

We understand that every business is different with their unique requirements and attributes.  Regardless of the nature of your trade and your business, our experts can maximise the number of new customers by using many different online channels.

Directories:  Online directories can provide a steady and significant flow of quality traffic by impacting the citation profile of any tradie

Social Media: A strong social media presence not only creates a brand identity, but also improves your customer retention and rate of referrals.

Online Review Platforms: We are able to pinpoint the review platforms that are generating new customers for your business

For best results, your SEO campaign needs to be handled by someone that understands what works for both your trade and your business. Contact us today to discuss your website’s SEO in detail.